Friday, 13 April 2012

Alex Ferguson says it ain't over yet

Roberto Mancini told us all the other day that the league is over and that they arent going to try anymore, but it appears that sir Alex Ferguson has uncovered this dastardly ruse and already insisted things are far from decided!

The Scottish manager replied to Mancini's mind games by saying:

"I think he picked the wrong time to say that."There are five games still to go. The twists and turns of the Premier League, it's fascinating."
Ah hah! Foiled at the gates, Roberto. Ferguson has been a master of these mind shenanigans for far too long to let a Trojan horse like that slip through the net, but what you have to remember is that Mancini might genuinely not care anymore. It's like when you challenge someone to a duel and you get totally prepared, put on armour and make sure you leave no possible weaknesses but then the other guy doesn't turn up because he's banging your girlfriend. And I would have won that fight too.