Thursday, 5 April 2012

Albert Riera and Felipe Melo like punching each other

Galatasaray have confirmed that their players' Albert Riera and Felipe Melo had a massive fight and hate each other.

The players were involved in an "altercation" during training today. Usually an altercation in football involves a bit of pushing and shoving and "my Dad is harder than your Dad!" kind of nonsense. However this time, things got a bit more serious. It's believed that Melo went in a little bit harder than he should have in training and pissed off Riera. The two swung for each before being banished to the changing rooms to cool off and make sweet passionate love.

It was hoped that sending them to sit down beside each other in a confined space would calm them down. Instead they just got even more wound up and went for each other again. It's believed that Riera came off worst, which isn't really surprising as Melo is absolutely mental and Riera looks like a skinny nerd. Reports that I read on the internet said that Riera was taken to hospital with a face covered in a red, blood-like substance that is believed to be blood.

Of course Galatasaray play in Turkey so the chances of me finding out more about this story are pretty slim. Nobody in Britain cares about Turkish football, unless their fans are stabbing people and the chances of me learning Turkish to find out more are slim to none. Well they are none. If any of you can tell me more then please get in touch and I'll bake you a pie or something and I'll even eat for you as well.