Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Adel Taraabt scores first prem goal, celebrates with shisha

Professional footballers must love and loathe the evolution of smartphones since they now can't do anything without being photographed, be it walking, smoking shisha or getting pissed. The plus side is that they can look at boobs on the Internet.

Marouane Chamakh has angered Arsene Wenger by being pictured smoking the traditional Moroccan pipe Xwith countryman Taraabt and according to the daily mail will discipline the player accordingly. Far be it from a human to be able to take a drag on flavoured tobacco in his spare time, because that's what it is by the way.  The Daily Mail article makes it sound like he was injecting heroin into his arm and smoking crack at the same time: "These dirty Moroccans come over here and smoke the illegals and I say enough is enough! Lower our taxes, deport the ethnics" etc.  That wasn't exactly what they said but I'm pretty sure that's what people who read that paper take from it.

The thing you'd think Wenger would be most annoyed with Chamakh for is the fact that he's basically gone mouldy since he bought him.  It's like buying a pizza and then it goes off after like 4 days but you could probably still eat it. You really shouldn't but are you gonna go to the shops and get me another one? I didn't think so. Besides, it's a pizza, I'm pretty sure they last forever.