Friday, 6 April 2012

2009 Chelsea Vs Barca ref still gets abuse

Tom Henning Ovrebo was the referee in charge of Chelsea Vs Barcelona back in 2009. He turned down four penalty claims and eventually Barcelona won via a late goal from Iniesta and everybody laughed. Except the Chelsea fans, who still send Ovrebo abuse to this very day.

There is Ballack trying to eat him after he turned down yet another Chelsea penalty appeal. Ovrebo either had a complete shocker that night or he is a Barcelona fan. He angered the Chelsea players so much that after the final whistle, Droga and Boswinga gave him such horrendous abuse that it led to them getting 4 and 3 match bans respectively. Drogba got one extra because he's Drogba and everybody hates him. 

Chelsea fans of course went one step further and actually sent him death threats. In fact he said that he still gets emails now and again from people saying that he's a bald cock or something. He doesn't show his family because they don't need to see them, plus he's got all that porn in his inbox so it would just be awkward. 

Now retired from refereeing and back in Norway, he spends his time running a psychologist's practice in his hometown. So if you are a Chelsea fan and still want to go and give him abuse it's just quick flight over the North Sea, or you could grow up, stop being pathetic wankers and get over it? That would certainly be the cheaper and more sensible thing to do. Let's all watch that glorious Iniesta goal again.