Friday, 16 March 2012

Zlatan doesn't like women talking about football

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of my favourite players in the world. Outrageously skillful, arrogant and rude, the man is ridiculously entertaining. Recently Zlatan got all pissed off with a female reporter after Milans 2-0 victory over Lecce. She was asking him questions about an alleged altercation with AC Milan head coach Massimiliano Allegri and Zlatan did not like it.
”There are many people who talk without knowing anything and they would do better to shut up,”  
With that, Zlatan moved on to speak to another reporter, he couldn't help but notice that Vera Spadini (the female reporter) was still looking at him. He pinged his sweat-band at her and asked "what the fuck are you looking at?" and with that he marched off down the tunnel.

Needless to say, he was soon forced into an apology. He phoned her up and said "I am Zlatan and I apologise for nothing but I have been made to say that I am sorry so know that I am not sorry but I am saying sorry. Do you understand? If you do not accept this, I will roundhouse kick you in the face." Zlatan then sent her 19 orange roses, one for each goal he has scored this season. The roses represent the beauty and elegance of each goal he has scored, you've got to love the man. It's better not to hate him, he converts hate into pure awesomeness.