Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wolves' fans are morons

Not all of them but certainly the ones who confronted Jamie O'Hara outside the ground. He was holding his baby you dicks.

That's Wolves owner Steve Morgan telling everyone to calm down. Yes, they are shit but it's only football and also you live in Birmingham so have far bigger things to worry about. Wolves lost 2-0 to Blackburn and solidified their position as one of the worst teams in the league. After the game a group of angry fans accosted Jamie O'hara and I presume they shouted at him and told him he was shit. Football fans do that quite a lot because they are assholes. O'Hara was carrying his baby at the time and you'd think between them they would have enough brain cells to realise that if someone is with their baby, telling them your thoughts on a football game can probably wait.

O'Hara and his girlfriend vented their anger on twitter. His girlfriend happens to be serial WAG Danielle Lloyd. These people are such terrible human beings that even someone as abominable as Danielle Lloyd can take the moral high ground. She tweeted -
'Fuming! How dare protesters start on Jamie when he is carrying our son! Am disgusted, should be ashamed! F****** disgrace.'
They actually started a fight with him? Nothing more manly than squaring up to a man who is carrying his son who is less than a year old. I usually flex my masculinity by starting fights with 12 year-olds at the bus stop. It really get's the adrenaline coursing through my veins. Then I go and chop down the nearest tree with an axe and make a fire. I AM A MAN.