Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wolves are exciting

Wolves have already made what seems to be an almost catastrophic error in hiring assistant manager Terry Connor to try and keep their club away from relegation, considering he has absolutely no experience in doing so at all.  ALL HAIL THE POSSIBLE RETURN OF KING GARY MEGSON.

Gary Megson was once voted the most boring man in human existence in a book scientists maintain was locked deep within a hole in the ground, close to the earth's core.  There it remains dormant so that no desperate football club chairman can skim read through it and go "hey guys look Gary Megson seems to be alright".

Currently in charge of Sheffield Wednesday, Gary Megson's CV contains tenures at club where his only notable achievement was not being relegated.  It would be quite a useful managerial attribute for the team of gypsies I guess, as opposed to having someone who doesn't know what he's doing but is in far too deep to admit that right now.

The only thing that is going to stop Terry Connor from being fired now is if Arnold Schwarzenegger turns up having misread 'Sarah' whilst hungover and murders him.  There's no way that guy is smart enough to evade a Terminator.  Gary Megson on the other hand..... well he'd certainly manage to stay alive for a lot longer but it would be the most boring movie ever.  Just him hiding behind various walls.