Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Twitter 2 - 0 Racists

Twitter is probably the most powerful tool against racism since Abraham Lincoln discovered A Tribe Called Quest, and yet another idiot has been sentenced for failing to understand how life works through the social network.

21 year old Joshua Cryer (not pictured) has been sentenced to two years community service for sending racist tweets concerning Stan Collymore (pictured), and although the judge said he did not believe the Newcastle University student was inherently racist, he did point out that IT'S NOT FUCKING ON.  Collymore in particular has become something of a beacon of light for the anti-racist movement on Twitter, regularly retweeting or reporting most of the nonsense abuse he is given and fair play, Stan.  Fair play.  When I wrote that, auto-correct changed the word 'beacon' to 'bacon' and so I think I will refer to Collymore from now on as a bacon of light since it sounds more delicious.  All this racism has made me hungry.

Oh and also some other guy has been arrested after sending racist tweets about Muamba, which makes my brain cry.