Thursday, 1 March 2012

Trevor Francis' son denies burgling Lee Hendrie's house

That is one of the weirdest headlines I'm ever likely to write but Trevor Francis' son has appeared in court to deny accusations that he burgled ex-Aston Villa star Lee Hendrie's cottage.

Birmingham legend Francis watched on in court as his son denied stealing this list of stuff:
a set of golf clubs, a pair of Cavalli boots, a quantity of designer sunglasses, a Virtue mobile phone, a pair of Gucci boots, a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, a Versace watch, a Gucci clutch bag, two pairs of D&G boots, a diamond earring, a jewellery box containing costume jewellery and six souvenir football shirts.
What is a Virtue mobile phone?  The prosecution's main argument is that Francis Jr's hand print is on a frame containing a football shirt at the cottage and basically, why the fuck would this random combination of events ever happen otherwise.  "Oh I just wanted to see what Lee Hendrie's house was like" is something that no-one would ever say.

The case is actually ongoing so we can't make any opinion based reporting on it, but this trip to court will do wonders for Hendrie's finances, seeing as he literally doesn't have any money left now.  The worst part is that he's lost his Virtue mobile phone.  Actually he probably didn't lose that, his wife probably hid it and when the police asked what got stolen she said 'oh noooo they took that mobile phone!  What a shame.  You'll have to get something normal now'.

Does Lee Hendrie have a wife?  His story seems like that of someone who probably once had a wife, but now talks to himself in bars, reminding everyone of that time he once played against Man United.  Life sure is going well for that guy.