Friday, 2 March 2012

Transfer embargos for everyone!

Who would know that running a football club as a business would be so difficult?  The answer is 'a lot of people' because about 7 teams are currently either banned from signing players or have had points deducted because they haven't filed their accounts properly.

Why look, it's Kate Upton - everyone's favourite transfer embargo model.  Today she has come to offer you a transfer embargo, but I guess you wouldn't be interested.  It's more of a Shelbyville thing.  She's given transfer embargoes or point deductions to Coventry City, Birmingham City and Kettering Town, and it put them on the map!

"Is there a chance the clubs could fold"
"Of course there is, they have no dough"
"I hear these teams will suffer too"
"You bet on your life, my friendly fool"

What's it called?  Transfer Embargo!  What's that name?  Transfer Embargo!  One more time!  TRANSFER EMBARGOOOOO!

Transfer Embargo.