Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tevez might play against Chelsea

Everyone's favourite escaped monster, Carlos Tevez, might be in line to return to Premier League action against Chelsea next week!  Hooray!

I'm glad that everyone has forgotten about all those things he did where Roberto Mancini was about one day away from actually stabbing him, and Tevez's quick return to the side should help City in their bid to win the league.  Mancini said in a press conference that the Argentine beast is probably ready to play again and that he wants to turn around City's current form:
"We are very disappointed for our supporters after Swansea because I saw on the TV one of our supporters cry. We want to win also for this guy and the other supporters.
He's referring to this:

That guy's life must be crumbling apart if conceding a goal away at Swansea to make him breakdown in tears.  Like if his girlfriend left him, or he'd just been made redundant or if he accidentally erased his save game on pokemon.  Unless he bet an entire mortgage on City winning this game there's no other real reason to cry about it.  I of course never cry because I am a real man, as you can tell from my battle axe, bronzed torso and blue underpants.  My mum helped me with the difficult parts of my costume but the rest was mainly me.