Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Team GB Olympics kit sucks

Today Adidas unveiled the official 'Team GB' kit that players will adorn during this summer's olympics in London.  Let's have a look.

Jack Rodwell looks so unlifelike in that picture that it took me several minutes to realise that pushing R2 and L2 on my controller wasn't making him swivel round.  The battery was definitely charged and those are definitely the right buttons I thought, but then I realised that I'm actually in Athens and my playstation is several hundred miles away in my house.  Why did I bring the controller with me? I hear you ask, and the answer is I didn't.  This whole thing was just a clever ruse to fill out an article on a piece of clothing that I don't really care about.  It looks like what would happen if you fired Power Rangers at each other in the Hadron Collider.