Monday, 19 March 2012

Suarez: I'm not leaving. Berbatov: I am leaving

Two good strikers who have both been linked to moves recently. One is elegant and cool, the other scurries around and looks like a giant rat. Both confirmed their futures today, it's bye bye Berbatov but Suarez will stay.


Both these players have been linked to PSG recently. At first it looked like Suarez might leave because everyone apart from Liverpool fans hate him. The media were all over him for the appalling way he handled the Evra situation. If Suarez could actually finish properly he would have about 30 goals this year. He snake-hips his way passed defenders for fun but always tries something stupid when he's through on goal. Regardless, he is a brilliant player and he certainly sounds like a man who is going to stay-
"I'm going to carry on playing my football here at Liverpool. There are a good few years left on my contract and I want to carry on enjoying myself because both my family and I feel really happy here
Then again this is football, there is no loyalty left. Giggs has stayed at Manchester United his entire career but he banged his brother's wife for 10 years so that definitely cancels it out.

That brings us not-so-neatly to Berbatov. He definitely is leaving Manchester after finding himself way down the pecking order. Imagine being on the same level as Michael Owen? Poor bastard.

Berbatov has been told he is not required anymore, as Alex Ferguson wants to change the way United play and make them super fast over the next few years. Harsh on the man who was the joint top scorer last year but he should move to a club that caters for his lazy, sexiness. Thankfully he's not going to go and play for a shit team for loads of money because he actually has some self-respect, I'm looking at you Nicolas Anelka- 
 "Dimitar will most probably leave England but he doesn't want to move to the US, Japan, United Arab Emirates or championships like these," 

Farewell Dimitar, thanks for doing this.