Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Steve Kean is winning

Steve Kean has managed to cling on to his job while Blackburn fans threw metaphorical rocks and spears at him, demanding his head as vengeance for the terrible results their team was providing.  Now they are six points clear of relegation.

The Scots manager has always retained faith in his own abilities to steer the troubled NOT midlands club (north west England) out of danger and although they aren't quite safe yet, they're doing a lot better than Wolves right now.  There have even been calls by some (not us) to make Kean manager of the year considering the turn around he's brought but the amount of time and patience the Venky's have provided is either very commendable or by product of a wizard's curse.  Am I suggesting that Steve Kean might be an evil wizard?  Maybe.  But only slightly.  A slight wizard.  If anything he's sarcastic:
"I think the fans are seeing the just rewards for their efforts in getting behind the team," Kean told BBC Sport.
"We win together and lose together but they are starting to see some performances and some points."
Yes, if there's one way to describe Blackburn supporters it's 'unified' and 'supportive'.  Just like I'm supposed to be with my ex-wife for the benefit of my secret children over in Peru.  I'll never pay, you seductive witch!