Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Smoke grenades at training, not a good idea

Jacob Mellis who plays for Chelsea's reserves, has been sacked by the club for setting off a smoke grenade at the training complex.

Not content with the usual changing-room japes, Jacob really upped the ante by setting off a smoke grenade that he had kept from an earlier paintball expedition. The grenade was set off in the changing room which led to a full-scale evacuation and even had the players and staff running out of the building They actually thought the building was one fire, BANTER!

Fire alarms were triggered, trained fire marshals were called and worst of all for Jacob, the big boss Abramovic was told about the incident. It's like when you are younger and you do something wrong, thinking of the words "wait until your Dad is home" still reduces me to a quivering wreck. (I'd like to point out that my Dad didn't beat me up or anything, he was just a really scary man)

In defence of Jacob, it must be hard to know exactly where the line is, as far as training ground tom foolery is concerned. Remember this is Chelsea, Ashley Cole actually shot a work experience student with an air rifle and got about a 50p fine. Mellis is probably a bit down about having his contract torn up but I'm sure he will be a lot happier when he finds out that I am rating this story as "severe" banter on the banterometer. Congratulations.