Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sam Allardyce: Everyone hates me and I don't care

Everyone hates Sam Allardyce, apart from maybe people from Bolton. He achieved great success with Bolton and he's a big, fat, beer-swilling lad, exactly the kind of person that people from Bolton love. Having never been to Bolton and having one friend who was born there, I know that to be of 100% accuracy. Now he's at West Ham and the fans hate him but he doesn't give a pork pie.

He quite often looks like an angry, demented hamster in his photographs but I shouldn't be too harsh, the man used to have a bad-ass mustache. Big Sam is notorious for his physical, "lump it up to the big man" style of football. West Ham United are a team notorious for playing football the "right" way, what could ever go wrong? 

Despite being third in the league, West Ham fans are still not happy with the performances they have seen. Recently against Peterborough, fans could be heard chanting, "we're West Ham Utd, we play on the floor". Probably one of the worst chants I've ever heard and conjures up images of old, naked men wrestling on the floor. Just me? 

Allardyce has had it up to here with the fans having a go - 
"I am the best manager in the world and if I was manager of Real Madrid I would have won the SPL by now. Fans are always asking us to play "one-twos" and "triangles". What a load of shite, when I was growing up, the only triangle I was interested in was the one between a girls legs. If you want to see a one-two, then come down the pub with Big Sam, you've not seen anything like the Big Sam left-right combination after some student twat spills my pint"
To my knowledge he has never said anything like that but he did say it right now in my brain. He did say the following though, which is far funnier -
"Perhaps their expectations are too much and they're getting a bit carried away, I don't know.......
it started off from other managers many years ago, because they got jealous because I kept beating them."