Friday, 2 March 2012

Ryan Giggs is bad at court

Ryan Giggs lost a battle with The Sun today over damages he wants from them for something to do with that story about the time he banged Imogen Thomas a lot and his wife wasn't happy about it.

The sexually prolific home wrecker took on the newspaper, not the giant star that our planet orbits, and the newspaper won, with the judge declaring the case "dead in the water".  I don't really know what that means but I think it's good that millionaire footballers can't just go around shagging everyone and having it covered up by legal teams.  Why if that were possible then I probably would have gone on to become a professional footballer myself!  Maybe it's not too late!  It can't be that hard.  26 isn't too late to start doing that is it?  What I'll do is I'll try this whole 'sex' thing first, and if that works out OK I'll practise keepy ups outside for a while.  I've got a good feeling about this one!