Monday, 19 March 2012

Russian fans being racist. Again.

Many teams wanted to buy Chris Samba but in the end, he went to the one that offered him the most money. Playing in Russia definitely has it's upsides (money) but there are definitely some downsides (massive racists) and the popularity of banana throwing seems to be ever increasing.


If you throw a banana at a white person, people might think you're a bit weird. If you throw a banana at a black person, you are definitely racist and most likely stupid. Samba plays for Anzhi Makhachkala these days and at the weekend they were defeated 1-0 by Lokomotiv Moscow. One of the Moscow fans threw a banana at Chris Samba, unfortunately he could not identify the fan who threw it so was unable to destroy him.

Perhaps one of our Russian readers can clarify something for me. According to some dick-face- 
"In Russia 'to get a banana' means 'to fail a test somewhere' 
That's nonsense surely? This came from Alexei Sorokin who is one of the main men in charge of Russia's attempt at hosting the 2018 World Cup and comes straight from your Russian Football Union. Good to see they are coming down hard on the culprit hard and are really doing everything they can to stamp out racism within football. "In Russia it is not racist to dress up in a white sheet and burn crosses. That actually means I really like you and is how we officially make someone our new best friend."

Samba didn't want to make a big deal of this and reckons it was just one bad egg but I love Chris Samba and I do want to make a big deal of it. Come back Chris, I'll only give you a banana if you ask for one. Perhaps you would like some ice-cream and nuts with it and I could make you a banana-split? Let's fly to Paris on your hoover.