Monday, 26 March 2012

Roy Hodgson throws a wobbler

Lovely chap Roy Hodgson is really funny when he gets mad. To my delight he got rather angry when watching his side getting destroyed by Newcastle and threw his black armband, offending lots of people who don't actually exist.

West Brom had put a little run together and looked good until they met Newcastle on Sunday. It took about 30minutes for them to be completely annihilated. Roy Hodson and co were wearing black armbands in respect of Ken Barlow for shagging 1,000 women. Not really, it was actually in honour of deceased West Brom legend Ray Barlow, the brother of Ken, which I also made up.

Roy said this -
"It is something I did without thinking out of pure frustration at conceding the third goal. I meant no disrespect by it to such a great player, nor his family, and offer my sincere apologies if it has caused offence."
Anger makes us all act like dicks, mix this with alcohol and you've got a big frustrated dick goulash to serve up. I haven't written for a few days and I think I've forgotten how so I'll just end this with a gif of Roy Hodgson head banging.