Saturday, 17 March 2012

Roy Hodgson is under the thumb

While most of us will spend this summer pissing our other halves off by watching the Euro 2012 championships, Roy Hodgson has already succumbed to the controlling power of boobs and has to go on holiday with his wife, meaning he won't be managing England.  *Whip noise*

The West Brom boss had been widely tipped to take over the England job at some point in the near future but has ruled himself out of the running for this summer because he's promised his wife a holiday.  Well la dee da Roy, how fancy of you to actually spend time with your wife.  The only thing more terrifying than imagining what Roy Hodgson would look like in full flight during sex is trying to think what the sounds would be like.  Like someone trying to suffocate a bird with a plastic bag in slow motion.