Friday, 16 March 2012

Roberto Mancini is sorry

Roberto Mancini has made an apology to Manchester City fans for making mistakes that saw the Sky blues crash out of Europe harder than Ayrton Senna.  He worded it differently.

Even a three goal comeback wasn't good enough for Mancini's side in last night's Eurovision Song Contest and they exit the competition following an aggregate 3-3 defeat to Sporting Lisbon, thanks to that pesky away goals rule.  Joe Hart was inches away from scoring in the last minute, much like a large percentage of you will be tonight when you're drunk and horny in your favourite nightclub, but the team's efforts were just not enough to satisfy the watching audience.  Again, much like a large percentage of you tonight after you've left your favourite nightclub.  Mancini said:
"I'm disappointed because I might have made mistakes, and I'm sorry to the supporters," said City manager Mancini.
"The players did everything, and fought on the pitch.
"When a manager doesn't prepare well for the game, this happens. When I lose a game I think about why I lost and think about where I made mistakes."
So there you have it everyone.  A humble manager who knows his mistakes and even admits when he hasn't performed or prepared as well as he should or could have.  It may have only been the Europa League - a trophy largely unwanted by most top players - but it's still a trophy.  And then he made us believe that he'd give us a night of glory but instead delivered only awkward underperformance and shame.  Just like a large percentage of you will when you remember what you've done tomorrow!

I think I need some music here while I escape.