Thursday, 8 March 2012

Robbie Fowler turns down £90 a week

Robbie Fowler isn't even good enough to play in Australia these days. If you ever watch the A-league, Harry Kewell struts around the pitch like Messi. He left Australia and went to Thailand before he realised he was playing in a league full of gap-year students and 60 year-old Thai men. Blackpool did offer Fowler a short-term deal but he turned down their £90 per week contract because it's £90 a week.

There is the tweet to prove it, what a world we live in. Robbie Fowler is 36 these days, that makes me feel incredibly old. Think of the strikers England had in the 90s? Shearer, Sheringham, Ferdinand, Cole, Fowler, Sutton, Wright, Owen, Collymore and compare that to now. Rooney, Rooney, Rooney and Rooney. What happened? I don't really care, I'm Scottish, we haven't had a striker since I was born. 

Ian Holloway quite rightly said, that since Fowler is ancient and hasn't been able to run in 6 years, he would only offer him £90 a week but with a £5k appearance bonus, if he could last the full 90 minutes, smart. Fowler is a millionaire anyway so if he actually wants to play football he should take the deal. Or sign for Aberdeen and score about 100 goals between now and the end of the season, win the Scottish Cup and be carried through the streets of Aberdeen and into the Liquid nightclub were he can have all the sparking rose he could ever dream off. Imagine that Robbie? Imagine the macaroni pie you could get from Thains' bakery afterwards? Dream no more, I already have the contract written up.