Thursday, 22 March 2012

Rio Ferdinand calls Man City fans glory hunters

My irony detector just exploded and killed three people in the office. Rio Ferdinand felt the need to tell the BBC about Manchester City fans "coming out of the woodwork".

According to Rio Ferdinand, if you walk around the streets of Manchester you will see more blue shirts than ever before. You wouldn't have seen any blue shirts over the last ten years because Man City were pants but now they are bazillionaires and won the FA Cup so they've got fans innit?
"But success sometimes brings people out of the woodwork. So fingers crossed we can delay that and make sure that we get this title sewn up this season." 
Rio better calm down with his fighting talk, he can't kick a ball without slipping a disc in his back. There were various  footballing cliches used in his interview, where he discussed the impending title decider between the two Manchester clubs. Man City gave Man Utd the biggest spanking of their lives earlier in the year and the next game will probably decide what team younger people in Manchester will support next season.

The idea of a Manchester United player calling Manchester City fans glory hunters is hilarious. United have been winning everything for the last twenty years and the majority of the season ticket holders live live about 400 miles from the ground. Meanwhile Man City fans had to watch their team get relegated to the old Division Two. In fact I think the same season Manchester United won the treble, Man City won the Division Two play-off final. That is fucking mental. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, Rio Ferdinand is a tit.