Monday, 12 March 2012

Ricardo Fuller has a short temper

Stoke lost to Chelsea this weekend and if that hasn't already made your head explode from the sheer surprise of it, you'll be astonished to learn that Ricardo Fuller did something that made him look like a dick.

While Fuller was running through on goal, Branislav Ivanovic very unfairly and selfishly decided to try and tackle him to stop him from scoring.  HOW DARE HE?!  Fuller's genius-like brain allowed him to analyse the situation immediately and upon returning to his feet he very justly stamped upon Ivanovic's giant body, taking retribution upon the Serbian for his great crime.

"How dare-eth this rapscallion perform such a vile, odious act of pure malevolence upon I, Sir Ricardo of Fuller.  Thou shalt seek vengeance upon your sinful sternum.  Take that!" and then he stamped on him and then went home to listen to Akon mp3s on his Beatz headphones.  They are the best headphones because celebrities wear them, and celebrities are experts in audio equipment.  Why, just the other night I had an argument with two of the guys from Geordie Shore who told me I should really be exporting the songs I make at 48khz for use with video, but I'm not sure YouTube needs that.

Anyway, Tony Pulis is really annoyed at Fuller for his dismissal and is going to fine him.  THAT IS THE LESSON FROM THIS STORY.