Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Return of Liverpool Vs Evra: This time it's Glen Johnson

Why are Liverpool and their players so awful? Why won't they let this die? Why won't this go away? Why are footballers so stupid? I shouldn't complain, it makes writing a lot easier.

Remember when Suarez refused to shake Evra's hand? Well you remembered it wrongly, it was all Evra's fault. He deliberately made Suarez refuse to shake his hand with mind-power or voodoo or something. I think it's best for me to quote Glen Johnson before I start slagging him off.
"Evra has pulled him back by his arm as he walked on, as if to say to everybody: 'Look, I wanted to shake his hand and he didn't …'
 "Evra probably stayed up all night thinking about how to do that. The whole thing was ridiculous."
Suarez wanted to shake Evra's hand but Evra dropped his hand down to his side, thus making a handshake literally impossible.
"Evra was clever at Old Trafford. Luis didn't shake his hand because Evra's hand was down there. What else is Luis supposed to do? Would you go to shake someone's hand if their hand is way down there by their side? Course not.  "
Read the interview if you want, it's on the internet somewhere. I cannot believe he has come out with this nonsense, I thought this incident was finally forgotten about? Yet again we have a Liverpool player doing the "everyone is against us" nonsense. If you were wondering, yes, yes he does think Evra is a liar, despite the fact he then admits that Suarez did use the word negro and negrito. It's slang though innit? I mean when I go abroad, I always use racist slang because why would I change the way I speak just in case it offended a different culture? What a ridiculous thing to expect of someone! For the record I don't use any racist slang because I am educated and not a scum bag.

Why can't Liverpool ever admit that one of their players did something wrong? Why do they make me hate them so much? I feel sorry for the sensible Liverpool fans, I'm sure they exist somewhere. I thought I'd met some when I was drinking in Liverpool one night but after a few beers they started singing about the Munich air disaster and how they wanted to stab Manchester United fans.