Wednesday, 7 March 2012

PSG want to sign Luis Suarez

Multi-gazillionaires Paris Saint-Germain have admitted that they really want to sign Luis Suarez as part of their planned £85million summer spend, because France just wasn't racist enough already.

The Uruguayan has attracted the interests of the PSG owners who have said:
"We are already looking at the market for next season.
"We have clear targets in mind. It is true that we want Luis Suarez and [Real Madrid striker] Gonzalo Higuain.
Once these players have been signed they then plan to probably just win the Champions League because that should be easy, and then register a team for the F1 championship the following year, starting their ultimate goal of cross-sports games.  Rubens Barrichello will move across to play in goal while newly signed Carlos Tevez goes out on loan to the racing team, navigating giant penguins and throwing bananas and red shells at opponents in order to finish 1st, as is my understanding of that particular sport.