Friday, 23 March 2012

Portugal is weird

It would appear that the financial crisis killing our European brethren's spirit has also driven some of them to madness, and while in Athens fans are setting fire to their own stadiums, in Portugal they are building giant models of Ronaldo's balls.

Oh wait that's his face. That bit is the normal bit. Sorry, I meant to show you this


This is from some sort of carnival they had in Portugal this week and of course what better way to celebrate your country's sporting heroes than immortalising them as terrifying artwork that will forever haunt the minds of the young.  I remember when in Edinburgh last year they did the same thing but with Colin Hendry's penis scraping its way across the road.  Except it wasn't a model.

The best part about this whole story is we'll get a whole bunch of people finding us on Google every week now by typing in 'Cristiano Ronaldo's balls', instead of just the regular 3.  THE HUMAN MIND IS TERRIFYING