Thursday, 15 March 2012

Polish people really like football and explosives

Every man and his dog have read about this by now but I don't think we've written about it yet so I'm doing it now. An under-8s match had to be abandoned in Poland because Polish people are mental.

Lech Poznan fans are famous for that thing that stupid people do at football matches. You know when people link arms and face away from the pitch and jump up and down? Try watching the game you dicks. Anyway, Lech Poznan fans are now even more famous because they invaded an under-8s and acted like assholes.

A large group of fans were smashed and thought it would be funny to gatecrash the kids' indoor game. That does actually sound quite funny but lighting flares and scaring the shit out of young kids isn't funny, well it's kind of funny. The game was eventually abandoned for obvious reasons. Playing football inside a room full of smoke is quite hard when you need to be able to see and breathe. 

People always talk about the atmosphere at English football but calling the ref a penis and eating a pie has nothing on flares and thousands of head cases. I for one am glad I don't have to watch football with the constant fear of getting a firework up my arse, I'm far too middle-class for such things, I'm actually writing this at work, whilst watching a stream of the Man Utd game, with a cup of tea. If only I had some Mr Kipling fancy pieces, my night would be complete.

Oh yeah and you can watch the video below.