Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pepe Reina in 'advert race row', sensationalist newspaper bullshit

Pepe Reina is involved in some sort of newspaper shit storm regarding some adverts for an insurance company he's just appeared in, which they and some anti-racism groups have branded 'racist and homophobic'.  Honestly guys, fucking grow up.

The series of adverts feature Reina dressed in full goalkeeping attire finding himself in potentially dangerous and awkward situations, like jumping out of a plane with someone he thinks is an instructor and almost dying in a car crash.  In one of the adverts he is very racist to old people because someone knocks over this mega buff dude's motorbike and an old lady grasses him up, at which point he turns to the camera and sings "me siento siguro", which translates as 'I feel safe'.

After this shocking ageist tirade, Reina then appears in front of a tribe of some sorts, in the most racist of all the adverts.  Because the name Reina translates as "queen", the chief of the tribe claims him as his wife, and he is pushed out of frame towards the tribe leader to presumably spend an eternal life in betrothed slavery and/or to get bummed.

I am outraged!  How dare they feature black people in an advert!  African folks haven't been in tribes for like, I dunno, well I guess there are still probably some tribes but everyone knows that the ones who have evolved and joined modern society only put on tribal wear for passing tourists who want to see 'authentic Africa'.  And the suggestion that the head of the tribe is going to keep him as a queen is so homophobic it makes me weep tears of hatred.  I once saw Freddie Mercury on TV and had to throw an entire 42" LCD out of the window to stop the homophobic makers of Live Aid from ruining my life.  The hotel weren't pleased but I stand by my decision.  Also I didn't realise it was a re-run.  But still I stand by my decision.

Operation Black Vote have said:
"[the advert] depicts black people in a jungle scenario as stupid, backward, animalistic homosexuals."
And it has since been pulled from Spanish television.  NO IT DOESN'T.  It depicts a cartoon tribe, clearly backwards already from being a tribe, as acting on their societal behaviours, which used to also include cannibalism.  In ancient Greece everyone bummed each other and wrote philosophy - that doesn't make Spartacus homophobic.  And for that matter, lets all go to Jim Carrey's house, chain him to the back of a car and drive him through the streets to show how racist he is for Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls.

The most racist thing about this whole scenario is that anti-racism groups are painting the subjects they are supposed be protecting as delicate flowers, over-sensitised to the point that a spoof advert offends them deeply.  This reminds me of when any advert featuring a Scottish person has them wearing a kilt.  It's traditional wear!  We don't always wear that!  When will they learn?!

In summary: Suarez calling a black person a negro is racist, Liverpool's handling of the entire thing appalling, racism still exists in the world in the minds of morons so we should just kill them and make the place nicer, but this advert is not racist.  Nor is it homophobic.  Oh but it's fine to insult people for being ginger.

Fucking idiots.