Thursday, 29 March 2012

Patrick Vieira wins the league for United

Patrick Vieira won't stop talking about Manchester United this week. Vieira almost certainly hates Manchester United, he was Arsenal's main-man in midfield when the games between the two were more like a war than a game of football. Now he is the Football Development Executive for Manchester City and he should stop talking before the mind games war starts and innocent people are killed by stray mind bullets.

Have some quotes - 
"When United play at home they get some advantage that other teams don't get. When you go to United, Madrid, Barcelona, or Milan, it's always difficult for the referee to go against these kind of teams."
Sky actually had a table which showed the amount of penalties that teams have conceded at home this season. Manchester United had the third least so I guess he kind of has a point. There were two other teams that had conceded less but pretend you didn't see that. It's fair to say that United to get preferential treatment although with various degrees of subtlety, the Roy Carroll "save" for example.

Vieira is not saying anything new, the problem is if you enter into "mind games" with Alex Ferguson you will almost always lose. Alex Ferguson has mind fucked United to many a league title and he doesn't plan on stopping now. Rio Ferdinand on the other hand is not such a dab-hand in such matters, he said this on Twitter-

'Why is Viera so concerned with Man Utd....2 comments in a week or so....c'mon maaaaaan let it go. BRRRRRAAAAAAP BRRRAAAAP! YOU GOT MERKED BLUD!"
Maybe I made up the end bit. Vieira has since said his words were mis-interpreted and he was mis-represented and he is really angry with the journalist that wrote the article bla bla bla. Fergie came out and said that these things are purely good luck/bad luck and they balance out over a season bla bla bla then somebody threw a pie and sped off on a tiny bicycle.