Thursday, 15 March 2012

Pathetic excuse for a man (city fan) wasn't crying

This chap has become an unfortunate internet celebrity after being caught on video crying because Manchester City were beaten by Swansea. Yes he supports the richest team in the world, who are currently 2nd in the league and he cried because he lost one game. His name is John Millington and let's all point and laugh at him.

John should have just tried to save what little pride he had left and accept that he was a massive twat and get on with his life. Instead he claimed that he wasn't actually crying, he was just really tired
'I wasn’t crying, I was just frustrated and very tired… There may have been a tear in my eye but I was just exhausted and frustrated.They slowed it down to make it look much worse than it was.'
It made me think of the Flight of the Conchords song, "I'm not crying, it's just been raining......on my face"

Oh dear John, oh dear. In fact, even the film Dear John is more masculine than you. John went to bed at midnight and was really tired the next day, he had one beer and the emotion just got too much for him. He even tried the "I don't really remember it" excuse, that excuse has never worked in the history of man. Let's all watch him  cry.


I've never cried because of a game of football. In fact I never cry, I'm a man. Well I cried during the Lion King and that time when my cat pretended to die and when I lost my favourite hat and last week when I lost my Mum in the supermarket and they had to call me to the customer services' desk. But apart from those times, I'm all man and super tough.