Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Park Ji-Sung murders frogs or something

Manchester United legend Park Ji-Sung is being asked by Korean group 'Frogs Friends' to help them protect the slippery amphibians from being consumed by general public in his native land.

Park says that he used to drink juice made from boiled frogs in order to build his physique and this particular method of body building has started a trend in South Korea where they will eat fucking anything.  Dogs, insects, frogs - if it has eyes, it's fair game.  From the Guardian:
Since its establishment in 2007, Frog's Friends has been campaigning to stop Koreans killing amphibians for perceived health properties.
Park is South Korea's best known soccer player and said that his father had fed him frog juice to boost his stamina.
If someone offered me a glass of juice that they said had been made by boiling a frog I can without any semblance of doubt confirm that I would not drink it.  I don't understand people who look at a frog and go 'aw man I could definitely eat that' and I have even less of a clue as to why you'd look at a frog and think 'oohhhhhh wait a minute.... we could drink that. You need to think 'outside' the box, bro.  It'll be like Sunny Delight but healthier'.  Why?!  Just drink something normal like Ribena or contact lens fluid.