Friday, 16 March 2012

Park Chu-Young escapes military service

Arsenal have this player called Park Chu-Young and I think he's played about 6 games for the club which is probably because he's a total woos, seeing as he's managed to evade national service for another 10 years.  Boooooo

In South Korea they still have national service and the £3million signing from Monaco has had his start date postponed until 2022 because he's lived outside the country for over 10 years.  This means that Arsenal won't be fielding any battle hardened marines in their team any time soon and also that Chu-Young still has time to try and make it into the first team before he's shipped off for duty.

Ironically the only way he'd get into the team right now is if he actually were a battle hardened marine and fought his way in, or if they had a Battle Royale style tournament on an island where Arsenal players had to fight to the death, which he would win because he looks like he's from one of those places where they are good at hiding in jungles and shooting troops.  Hollywood is so educational sometimes.