Monday, 5 March 2012

Paolo Guerrero: Most Obvious Red Card Ever

Paolo Guerrero was sent off in Hamburgs 0-4 defeat at home to Stuttgart. It's probably the worst tackle I've ever seen and fully deserving of it's own article.

Interesting fact for you, Paolo Guerrero has a fear of flying because his Uncle died in a plane crash. Here is another interesting fact, he's a total dickhead. In April 2010 he was fined by the German FA and his club for throwing his drinks bottle at the face of his own fan. I think they called him a silly-sausage, which of course is most offensive thing you could ever say to a man from Peru.

You can watch the video right here if you want to, you probably should.

For that tackle he got an 8-game ban, which seems fair enough considering that it's assault. Hamburg don't feel that it is fair and have appealed the ban. Their director of sport, Frank Arnesen said,
"I am very disappointed about this judgment," he said. "I am not condoning the foul, but when I compare it to other fouls, then I would never have expected such a harsh punishment."
I agree with him, I mean every week you see players slide into the back of goalkeepers with their studs up, going into the standing leg that is nowhere near the ball and just about knee height. It's usually not even a foul. Goalkeepers get far too much protection these days, It's a contact sport after all. The art of tackling is dead, he's just letting him know he's there. Remember back in the day when you could take a sledehammer to a player's kneecap and you would shake hands after the game and go for a pint?

Thank god those days are gone. I'll have Ronaldo scoring backheels, Messi dribbling through everyone and Van Persie scoring volleys please.