Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Nile Ranger "has changed", breaks the law again

Nile Ranger epitomises everything that is wrong with modern footballers for me.  He's been pictured with a firearm, driven whilst drunk, attacked someone and sent homophobic messages on Twitter.  Despite being such a colossal ass hole, he's playing for Newcastle reserves again.

I understand being young and wanting to have fun and enjoy life etc but when I was 20 my vision of fun wasn't posing as a gangster or (allegedly) assaulting people.  On the 16th of March Nile Ranger told reporters:
"People think ‘This guy just gets in trouble week-in, week-out’ but it would be good to get goals and show people a different side. 
"The key for me is to make the headlines for the right reasons. People know me for the wrong thing. I just want to play football and keep my nose clean." (
Four days later on the 20th of March, he was arrested after being spotted outside a casino in the city centre.  Did I mention that he's banned from being in the city centre as a condition of him not being in jail right now?  I should probably have mentioned that bit.  Ranger's regrettable casino visits are almost certainly going to be few and far between from now on but at least he can keep up his gambling habits by playing roulette in the showers, as he tries to decide just which of the scary men he has to fend off next.  "I only wanted to play football!" he yells.