Thursday, 8 March 2012

Nicklas Bendter is pleased he isn't blind

On-loan Sunderland striker Nicklas Bendtner has said how delighted he is that he was nearly blinded by a challenge from a Swansea player in a recent match between the two teams, because he never wants to forget how incredibly handsome he is.

Swansea have a player called Angel Rangel which sounds like they built a perfect football robot and then when FIFA asked them what his name is for registration the two guys pitching him stared at each other blankly and went "eeeeeehhhhh..... urrrrrrrrrrrrr..... his name?  Why his name is....... (oh god I need an angel here) ANGEL!  Haha, yes of course, how silly of me, Angel.  Angel......Rangel."

I'm aware that his name is probably pronounced completely differently to the aynjel raynjel way I'm saying it in my head but you have to understand that occasionally my brain is not awash with a vast ocean of funny things to say.  I would have preferred it if he had gone blind because then I could make jokes about him not being able to see stuff.  Like that he would walk into things.  I guess those are more visual jokes.

So Angel Rangel nearly blinded Bendtner, but actually he can see and he was worried for about 4 hours that he couldn't see, because he couldn't.

Ta daaaaaaa