Monday, 19 March 2012

Muamba still critical, not dead

Fabrice Muamba had a heart attack on the pitch the other day.  You might have heard about it.  It was in the news!

The really, really unfortunate 23 year old collapsed on the pitch during Bolton's match against Tottenham Hotspurs which was abandoned after referee Howard Webb decided the rest of the players might be a little bit shaken seeing someone revived with a defibrillator before their very eyes.  He was probably right because not only was I not there and nor did I see it on the TV at the time but I'm not even brave enough to watch the video of it on the internet and I've seen some stuff on the internet before.  If it doesn't have dinosaurs, ropes and midgets I can barely get a semi these days.

Muamba is still alive by the way but in a critical condition.  We really hope that the quick thinking doctors and the scientists who have dedicated years of research to ensuring we can keep people in this condition alive can help him through this difficult time.  Or maybe they can all take a break and various mythical Gods can take over.  I hear Thor hasn't done much recently.