Saturday, 31 March 2012

Muamba is alive! :celebrate:

To cheer you all up from the horrible Petrov news, here's a picture of Fabrice Muamba smiling!  His family sent it to let everyone know he's OK.

Yay!  Look at his little happy face.  Doesn't it fill you with hope?  His career might be over but at least he's still alive which goes to show the wondrous miracle that is medical science.  He was actually technically dead for 78 minutes, had a defibrillator used on him 15 times ON THE PITCH but is now so recovered that he is able to use social networking sites in a hospital.  What a modern age!  If this were the 1400s he'd have been burned at the stake by now.

Because he's a witch.  Not because of what you were thinking, you racist.