Thursday, 8 March 2012

Meanwhile in Ireland...

This story was sent by a fan called James Kielty (HI JAMES!) so thanks for that. Over in Ireland, Sligo Rovers have had to apologise to Glentoran because the Glentoran supporters' bus was broken into as the teams were playing. Ah the lads, they love the craic.

The club are "disgusted" and "appalled", pretty strong words indeed. Now I know why. Fans broke into the Glentoran supporters bus and first of all stole any valuable items they cold find. Not content with that, the little tinkers then dropped their trousers and proceeded to squeeze out a dirty protest. Yup, they actually shat all over the bus. Perhaps I'm  exaggerating but they really did defecate on the bus, I couldn't think of anything worse than returning to the bus to find my I-pod nicked and my seat covered in shit.

Because I am immature, this made me laugh far more than it should have - 
"Sligo Rovers have offered to pay for the cleaning of the Glentoran Supporters Bus, 
The gardai have been informed and hopefully they will catch the culprit or culprits. As punishment, the supporters who had items stolen will get to take it in turns to throw a variety of animal droppings at the guilty person. At my primary school when somebody shat in the sink, there was an extensive investigation that basically boiled down to an angry, sweaty teacher screaming "WHO POOPED IN THE SINK?". How we all laughed. Nobody came forward but eventually a name came out, he thought we'd all laugh and think he was cool. He is still known as "shit-in-the-sink" boy to this day.