Monday, 26 March 2012

McCarthy might go back to Wolves

Mick McCarthy has 'refused' to rule out a move back to Wolverhampton to help his ex-employers try and salvage something from their season and I can't help but feel everyone is forgetting that Terry Connor is still alive.  It's not his fault Wolves are shit.

In an interview, or maybe a conversation, with TalkSport, Mick said:
“I would never say never, that is all I can say” he said. “Stranger things have happened. Carlos Tevez played for Manchester City on Saturday.
“But I think that is a challenge for somebody else, I have done my time. I would never say never and someday it may happen but I don’t think that is going to be the case now and I am looking forward to a fresh challenge as well.”
I think this was probably a conversation as opposed to an interview because there don't seem to be any questions in the article I read that I've come to expect from any 'interviews' I've had in the past.  I've never been to a press conference but things like, "what's your full name" "What were you doing on Tuesday night" and "you know prostitutes are humans, don't you" don't seem to pop up in many post-match media events.