Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Martin Jol wants a penalty

Martin Jol and his giant Babybell head narrowly lost to Manchester United last night, but were a little annoyed that they didn't get the definite penalty that they definitely should have.  Well done, referees.

A scrambled Wayne Rooney goal in the first half was enough to secure all 3 points for Alex Ferguson's side but it could well have been a different story, had referee Michael Oliver remembered what his job was.  Danny Murphy took a through ball under control inside the box and Michael Carrick decided that kicking the Fulham player's foot would be a good way to win the ball back.  It turns out he was right because after Murphy went down and every single player in the area turned to look for the inevitable whistle, play went on.  Jol said:
It needed a brave decision because it was either a dive and he should book someone or he has to give Carrick a red card.
"I don't want to see Carrick sent off but it needed a brave decision and I think it was a penalty kick
In all fairness to the referee it is really hard to call some of the big decisions in a game without the aid of video replays like we have at home.  Even normal life can often be hard without the aid of a replay. For instance was it a dog I ran over yesterday, or a person?  Without technology I guess we'll just never know.