Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mario Gomez really likes Franck Ribery

Even though Franck Ribery looks like he's been dead for 80,000 years and has blood made from electricity, Mario Gomez got really excited in Bayern's last match and grabbed his cock.

Ribery scored a goal as part of Bayern's absolute raping of FC Basel Brush (boom boom) which is a joke no-one has ever made.  I'd go more into the match but I'm trying to translate the report my friend sent me from Greek and it's quite hard to read.  Now I've remembered Google.

Bayern won 7-1 against the Swiss side and this is very exciting for some reason.  It reminds me of that time I spent three hours in Gordon's Wine Bar somewhere in London watching the hottest lesbian couple I've ever seen properly going at it, grinding the shit out of each other in-between drinking lots of wine.  It doesn't really but I liked that day.  Things were so peaceful back then.  And arousing.  Unfortunately, Franck Ribery's decomposing face has killed my boner.

Ta daaaaaaa