Monday, 12 March 2012

Mario and Yaya have a fracas

Manchester City lost to Swansea 1-0 and everybody laughed, except Mario Balotelli and Yaya Toure who had a fight.

Here they are in happier times, better times, simpler times, time when they won every single game and played tag on the pitch. Now they have lost two games in four days and it's time for everyone to panic and say they are bottle jobs. It was reported by Match of the Day, that the pair had a furious bust-up in the tunnel at half-time. Roberto Mancini claims he knew nothing about this - 
"No, I don't know anything about this," - see
I say that at work all the time.

Boss: Why didn't you finish the CRM report yesterday?
Me: I don't know anything about this

Then I walk away and make a coffee like a boss, swiftly followed by 15 minutes tweeting on the crapper.

Mancini is now blaming fatigue for his players faltering display. It's been a long hard season for Manchester City, just because they have billions of pounds and about 100 players don't think it's not been hard on them. My heart bleeds for Roberto Mancini, imagine having to call back Carlos Tevez into the squad to help with your league run in? What a nightmare.

There seems to be no information about the "fight" so I can only assume they bumped chests, called each other a silly goose and used the words brap and dench.