Monday, 12 March 2012

Maradona hates paying tax

We all hate the taxman. There is nothing worse than seeing that massive chunk of money ripped off your pay cheque every month. Maradona didn't have that problem in Italy, he just didn't bother paying any.

I don't cry too much about tax because I've been to hospital about 20 times in my life so I've definitely got my money's worth. Tax authorities in Italy claim that Diego owes about €38m in tax. I'm no accountant but I think that is a lot of money.

Maradona is still considered a God for what he did with Napoli, unfortunately for him he can't really go back to Italy because he would most likely be thrown in jail. Of course nothing is ever Maradona's fault and he always paid  his taxes. Well he thought he did but he clearly did not.
"I have never been a tax evader. I have always paid all the taxes I was aware of,"
Now coaching in Dubai and earning Scotland's GDP a week, it sounds like he is thinking of paying it back.
 "I want to return to find peace with the tax man and with Italians."
Never one for apologies, he does go on to say that the tax man needs to be more human to the citizens. Yeah curse the evil tax man for taking money away from people who get paid millions to kick a football about. Mind you the amount of cigarettes and alcohol that Maradona has consumed over the years, he's probably gotten about ten different countries through the recession.  

I'm slightly confused as to how he is not in jail? Surely if he owes the government €38m they would have hired Dog the Bounty Hunter by now to track him down? I can see it now, Maradona lying back on his sun lounger, sunglasses on and cigar in hand. Suddenly the Dog appears with his bear mace, accompanied by his team of inbreds. "I'm taking you back to Italy brah. You gotta pay your tax brah. Need a smoke brah? Go with christ."