Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mancini wants Van Persie.... it BEGINS!

Roberto Mancini has started flirting with Robin van Persie through the media by saying that 'well I guess I like him.... ask him what he thinks about me first *giggle*' and then standing on the opposite side of the gym hall during the disco.  What the fuck am I talking about.

Arsene Wenger has categorically underlined, put in bold and italicised the fact that Arsenal will not sell RVP and I'd like to believe that the Dutchman has a bit of romance for the game and the club he plays for so might not be tempted by money.  Then again, money is quite powerful.  You might think you're above it all but just think about the age old question "would you suck some random guy off for £500,000".

Most straight guys (also less promiscuous gay dudes too) probably sit there thinking "hmmmm yeh I guess I would, maybe..... nah... arghhh...... I just don't think I could do it" whereas your first question should actually be "would anyone ever find out?".

The other thing to consider is the inevitable injury van Persie is probably going to get during Euro 2012, but I'd bet Man City would still pay gazillions for him and then everyone wins.  Except Owen Hargreaves, who is basically their sandwich man now.  But he's a damn fine sandwich man.