Saturday, 31 March 2012

Mancini doesn't trust Balotelli

Oh hai guys, there's this new story about Mario Balotelli and you guys like Mario Balotelli, right? Mancini doesn't! Well, he does. Sort of.

Balotelli appeared at an Inter Milan press conference the other day because... He could, and this did not please the Manchester City boss.
He can do everything. He can score two goals against Arsenal next week. But he can also take a red card.

"At the press conference he was there like a journalist. It is better you ask him why but he had two days off,
"I can't put him in his house for two days.
"Probably the moment will arrive when he will know what he should do when he has two days off.

It is Mario's eccentricity and flaws that makes him such a genius. Some creatures just can't be contained and to cage them is to undo all that makes them special, which is why im so oppressed in this society. This time I'm running away for real, mum! No one understands me around here. I might come back for dinner first though... But then you'll never see me again! Mwa ha ha. Until night time obviously though cos there's no way I'm sleeping in the garden like last time. I don't think I've thought this through.