Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Manchester City fans still love Tevez

If a player refused to play and train for my club, flew home to Argentina to play golf and still earned £200,000 a week I'd probably be a little bit annoyed. Then again my club don't have £100000000bn in the bank. City fans still love Carlos Tevez.

Manchester City reserves played Bolton in the Senior Cup and won 3-1 in front of 1,047 supporters. Tevez played roughly an hour and got himself a goal. After the game he was mobbed by Man City fans who chanted his name and evidently don't care about anything that has happened in the last six months. I don't understand, he completely shafted the club and their manager, then he decides after nobody wanted to buy him in January that he would "apologise" and immediately return to action to a hero's reception.

Football fans are incredibly fickle (stupid). Although I guarantee that by the time Manchester United visit the City ground in April, you can guess what little gremlin is going to be back in team, fit and in the form of his life. He has to score the winner, it's carved in stone, predicted by the Mayans. Perhaps he will even get a hug from Mancini? That could be pushing it, he could save Mancini's son from a burning wreck and he would still be hard pushed to get eye contact and a firm hand-shake.