Monday, 12 March 2012

Man City want a new strike force

Manchester City dropped into second place this weekend after losing to the mighty Swansea City and Roberto Mancini has already planned to spend a shit tonne of money in the summer to replace his STRIKE FORCE.

That handsome chap is Gonzalo Higuain, incase you didn't know, and City plan to spend about £35million to bring him to the Etihad stadium and help set up a STRIKE FORCE.  The transfer won't be an easy one however because Chelsea are also in the mix and Abramovich might potentially want to send a message to the rest of football land, but I can't think of anything funny to write here because I'm tired and most of the way through a bottle of wine.

I think strike force sounds like those toys you would get of army men from a cartoon that weren't the actual 'official' characters.  Like rather than having power rangers toys you'd have 'intergalactic ninja rangers'.  I'd like to have seen the episode of that show where the blue power ranger is taken for a CAT scan and it turns out he has a gigantic brain tumour and actually invented the whole thing, so we've just been living it through his perception of the world this whole time.  Children's TV doesn't deal with the issues like it should, we definitely need more clever brain cancer twists.  Get me Andi Peters' number now.  STAT!