Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Man bids for Rangers, doesn't want to buy them

Some dude called Brian Kennedy has confirmed to the BBC that he will be among the bidders for Rangers when administrators try to sell them.

He has said "I don't really want to buy them" which makes me hopeful he's going to do what I used to in Championship Manager whereupon you buy Manchester United, sell all the best players for about £200,000 to anyone, sign Darren Mackie for £30million and then retire, leaving the club in ruins.  It's pretty much what Craig Whyte has sort of done with Rangers except instead of money he used lies, which most shops don't accept as currency.

This guy Kennedy actually supports Rangers so don't get your hopes up, and because he has a few £££ lying around he figures he'd rather take a bit of a hit than let his beloved club disappear.
I've said from the start that if the administrators view my offer as the best one for the club, I'm happy to take it on.
"But I'll be equally happy if someone else can take it on.
Some have said that this kind of selfless act is an incredible gift and shows true passion for a football club. I'd like to present you instead with a picture of Jessica Alba who has given me the greatest gift of them all.  An erection.