Saturday, 10 March 2012

Lionel Messi's brother has a tattoo. Of his brother.

Living in the shadow of a more talented sibling is probably quite a difficult thing to do, especially if that sibling is younger than you.  That's why Lionel Messi's brother got a tattoo of his brother tattooed on his arm.

Well done.  At least Rhodri Giggs never tattooed his brother's face on his body, because that part would probably have been set fire to by now and I don't think I need to remind you that fire and humans don't mix well, unless you are harnessing the power of fire for good.  Or evil.  I suppose fire has a lot of uses really.

I have no idea what Lionel's brother does apart from get tattoos but I'd like to think millionaire Messi jr gives him a whole bunch of cash every month just to party and enjoy himself.  That's what I'd do if I made millions when I was 24.  In fact if by the time I'm 27 I'm a millionaire then I'll throw heaps of money at my sisters every week so they can have fun.  I'd like to point out that things I write on this blog are not legally binding.  Just a side note.